My Story

My love affair with houses began when I was about four or five. Every time I visited the doctor I gave him a crayon drawing of a boxy house with a tree out front, a fireplace, and a large picture window. I’m not sure what he thought, but I was insistent.

At some point we had to take down an old Catalpa tree in our back yard, to make room for a garage. My dad took the huge pieces of wood and made me a log house in the yard. I made window treatments with tiny pieces of scrap cloth. The house was only there for about two weeks, but I made the most of it.

For my eighth birthday and Christmas my dad and brother lovingly crafted a dollhouse from a Better Homes & Gardens plan. Dad went the extra mile and built furniture out of scraps of wood and nails. That furniture co-exists quite nicely with the miniature Eames chairs my mom found at a toy store. The dollhouse has a place of honor in my home – even though it’s battered and bruised.

When I began to read for fun, I discovered the joys of decorating magazines. I would spend hours trying to figure out the floor plans – which way did the doors open and what did they mean by room flow?

As a teenager, every Saturday was spent rearranging the knick-knacks in my bedroom. It was at this point that I started exploring my sense of style, placement, and color. Later, in married life, the interest in design crystallized with the purchase of our Prairie style bungalow in Chicago – my crayon drawings had come to life!


I grew up in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago and after graduation I stayed, beginning my career in communications and marketing. In 2006, I decided to pursue my decorating passion and graduated from interior designer Lauri Ward’s training program to become a Certified Interior Redesigner. Her philosophy of Use What You Have, places an emphasis on creating new looks by incorporating the homeowner’s belongings, without spending a lot of money! My second act is absolutely rewarding. I get to share my enthusiasm for interior decorating with my clients, one home at a time.

In 2013 my husband and I suffered a devastating loss when our home was destroyed in a fire. I spent the next year and a half rebuilding our home and our lives. That experience has given me a true appreciation and greater understanding of the emotional ties that bind us to the place we call home.

“My second act is absolutely rewarding. I get to share my enthusiasm for interior design with my clients, one home at a time.”

Laura Heitz, Interior Decorator, Redesigner, Owner.

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